Friday, April 27, 2012

Fill in the blank friday

A week late.... but still...
1. Today is a great day because, I am off work!!!
2. Tomorrow I will go to the library with my kiddo to work on genealogy stuff.
3. My favorite time of day is midmorning because I usually have the house to myself. I indulge in some morning tv, and then around 10 or 11 I go out to face the day. Or not. It is wonderful.
4. Sometimes you just have to spend the day in your jammies.
5. A song that I just can't get enough of lately is "Somebody I Used to Know" by Gotye.
6. My favorite accessory is Hmmmm..... I don't wear jewelry much. Not even my wedding ring. I guess I would have to say a pair of low top Chuck's.
7. My favorite thing about this week was getting myself registered for class.
W. :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

♫Sing along Sunday!!♫

Really, can there be any other song to play on the anniversary of the Titanic disaster?

May all those souls continue to rest in peace.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Fill in the blank Friday

Courtesy of the little things we do.
1. Today is a good day because I have a job, a place to live, and a family that loves me.

2. The best thing I did all week was watched four very good movies. The best, by far, being "War Horse."

3. The current weather is sunny and it makes me feel like I wish I didn't have to work .

4. The best thing about spring is all the beautiful flowers and trees waking up.

5. A fashion trend that I'm dying to try out for spring is colored jeans.

6. A person who made me smile this week was ...........

7. The most delicious thing I ate all week was a fruit and nut chocolate bar I bought at ALDI. The taste reminded me of being back in Sweden.

W. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Off on a new adventure....

Today I register for school. Just taking English 2, but I figure it is a nice easy transition back into scholarly life. I was going to take it online, but instead, I think I will take it in class. I may be crazy. We shall see.

On the homefront....we took our doggie to the groomer for the very first time yesterday. May not seem like a big deal, but she is 11 and has never been before. Here, her coat and nails have gone out of control, and I am tired of vacuuming up enough hair to knit a new dog. She is so cute. I will have to take photos to post.

Also, speaking of follicular alterations..... my son shaved for the first time this weekend. He saved his little mustache but all that hair that was all over his neck and cheeks is gone. So handsome.

Other than that, I had a long conversation on the phone with my mother yesterday, and it helped me to feel better. I guess I am just missing my family a lot. I definitely don't miss Miami, but I miss my peeps, for sure.

Speaking of family....I have been researching my family tree for a few years, and I have gone all the way back to the first generation to come to America on many branches (most of them came over before the year 1700, many were here in the 1500's). I have a few branches that are dead ends currently, because my great-great-grandfather was an orphan, and there are currently no records for him. Also, my fathers side stalls out at my paternal great-grandfather. Interestingly, my father's mother was Gloria Bacon. And on "Finding Your Roots" this past weekend they did the lineages of Kevin Bacon and his wife. I love to play 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon with my son, and wouldn't it be interesting if there only 6 degrees between Kevin Bacon and me?

Speaking of degrees of separation....My degrees of separation between a lot of Hollywood and myself dramatically reduced with the rise to fame of Brett Ratner. He and I went to high school together. While I would not call us friends by any stretch of the imagination, I definitely did know him, and the counts right? So, supposedly, if you believe the covers of the tabloids, he is dating Sandra Bullock. (Whom I love) Who starred in "Speed" and "the Lake House" with Keannu Reeves, with whom I have always wanted to do very bad things with, so it is like we are already dating....

I have been drowning (no pun intended) myself in Titanic programming. I have been interested in Titanic for as long as I can remember. If I ever go to Nova Scotia, I plan to visit the Titanic gravesite there. Also, last time I went to NYC, I stayed at the Hotel Jane in Chelsea, which 100 years ago used to be a kind of retirement home for old mariners. All the rooms are like ship's cabins, with room for only one. Well, anyway....the hotel is where they put up the surviving crew members while the sinking was being investigated. Cool, no? And, if that kind of thing does not float your boat, back before RuPaul was famous, he used to live there. Just sayin'....

Ok, so that was fractured. I must be off to do school stuff and take care of the dreaded groceries.

W. :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Feeling more than a little.....

I don't know... Grumpy? Bothered? Uncomfortable? Not sure.... Definitely not apathetic. But, not sure how to describe how I feel.

I feel like I have been trying to make myself feel something I don't, in so many ways. I have been self-medicating with my drugs of choice:

I got off work on Saturday morning, went home, put my pajamas on, and did not leave the house again until this evening to come back to work. Just felt really down. Spent the whole weekend alternating between watching TV and sleeping. I felt like the sad little oval from that commercial. The one with the storm cloud over it.

I am so tired of feeling lonely. I always feel like an outsider. I feel like if I could be here, but have my family and friends nearby, I would feel so much better. I love my kid and my husband, I don't have anyone else here......

Like in "About a Boy" when Marcus realizes that two is not enough....You need at least three. Well, three is not enough, either.

I feel dissatisfied with my job. I feel dissatisfied at home. I am getting ready to go back to school, not because I want to, but because I feel like I have to. I want to be active in the community, but I am afraid of people judging me. (Why would I even be concerned with that?) My husband never wants to do anything, using no $$ as an excuse to just sit at home, hang out with our neighbor or sleep all the time.

I feel like I can't really express my feelings. And, to whom would I express them anyway? I am so full of self-hatred. I used to think of myself as a good person. I would volunteer. I would organize toy drives in my office. I would do things. And, lately, I was filling out a survey or something, and I feel like I am becomming very bitter and cynical. That is so not what I want to be.


Friday, April 6, 2012

I am a bad Kentuckian.....

I could give a crap that the University has won a basketball championship. For several reasons....

1. and probably most importantly, I HATE basketball!!! Loathe it.
2. the fans don't know how to behave if the team wins, thereby making my commute to/from work at said University difficult.
3. they interupt regularly scheduled programming to air PRACTICES!!