Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 4.. no sodas

Well, so far the only resolutions I have made good on are use no credit and no sodas.

The others are coming along.....working on the budget; just found out the volunteer orientation dates for January; the style thing will always be a work in progres...

Think I will get my kiddo out for a walk this afternoon when he gets home from school.

Enjoying several days off from work. Looking forward to "Downton Abbey" season premiere this weekend. Picking up a bunch of books from the library.  Just decided to go see "Les Mis" today. 


W. :)

Monday, December 31, 2012

Ok... last post for real...

Why my son and husband are awesome....

We have been having some serious money issues this year, what with the the house foreclosure, and the husbeast not working, and the unexpected trip to Miami.  No one really has any money...

I was able to get David a few gifts and a couple of small things for the husbeast...but there was going to be nothing under the tree for me. Which I was okay with, because my son and husband were taken care of.

In the past, my son has eagerly awaited the holidays for birthday and Christmas card with money. He always has big plans for these gifts. I think this year he had plans for some new games, maybe a PS Vida or PS3.  In previous years this would have been possible.

My son only received one birthday-money gift this year.....$20.  When he got his money, he asked my husband to take him to Target to get me a present.  He picked out the gift himself (a Hello Kitty toaster), and paid for it with his own money.

The husbeast chipped in a few of his gas-money dollars and bought me a movie and some chocolate.   Together they made sure that I would have a gift, too.

That's why they are awesome.

W. :)

Last post for 2012....

Another year come and gone.... I am looking forward to this one going, for sure.

I am going to enter this new year full of hope.  And a few other goals are on the horizon, as well:

Re-start school this summer. Life got in the way this fall and winter, and I totally lapsed on school. So,  starting with the summer sessions, I am going to get my butt in gear, and start working toward that BSN. First classes on the list: World History and  Life-span Psychology.

Decorate my apartment... We have been living in the apartment since July 2011, and we still have hardly anything on the walls or floors.  The apartment is still all beige and white.  Blah.... I want to finally tap into my style inspirations and change it up.  My husband may die of color overload, but that's his problem.

Hike... at least monthly, preferably weekly, especially while it is cool.

Walk... at least 30 minutes a day, every day. I have got to get my butt moving.  I spend entirely too much time sitting in my house, because others want to do nothing. The lethargy is killing me.

I wish we could get one of these... but, $2000 is way, WAY out of our price range...

I guess it is park walking for me....

Give up soda... this one may actually be one of the harder ones to stick with. Just drank my last Diet Coke... I don't usually drink them excessively, but I am getting older, and my bones need to keep all their calcium.

Knit a whole sweater.... I have been wanting to knit a cable fisherman sweater for year.  This will be the year to do it.

Volunteer... I have been wanting to volunteer for ages... but I could never decide on what to do.  This past Christmas was only the first step... Through the Lexington Rescue Mission, I have the opportunity to use my nursing skills in a helpful way. I also want to make regular food and toiletry donations to the Mission, as well as knit or crochet scarves and hats.

Find my style.... I know I have one somewhere.... sometimes I feel like I am too old to dress the way I really want. But, I am determined to find my style.... how does one dress like a preppy, rocker, quirky girly-girl with an affinity for Breton striped shirts?

Work on positivity......

Take a vacation with the family, that does not involve travel to Miami. I would like to go to New York City, Washington, DC or drive up into Canada!!

Other self improving items for this year:

Develop a budget and stick to it. 
Eat fish 2 times per week & eliminate white pasta.
Learn to paint with water colors.
Get regular pedicures.
Go to dentist.
Use no credit at all. 
Spend more quality time with my kiddo and husbeast. 

Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

This is me challenge: the final chapter

*What would you like to do before you die?  (Bucket list)

Travel to Europe
White water rafting
Learn to finally speak Spanish
Take David to Comic-Con
Travel nursing assignment to New York City for at least three months to experience actually living in NYC.
I have been working on this, and most of my list includes travel. I have serious wanderlust.

*What are your beliefs about death?

Well, I guess I believe that when our bodies die that energy that made us who we are gets reabsorbed into the Universe, to become something or someone else, much like our bodies are. 

I don't believe in Heaven or Hell, I believe we make our own versions of that while we are alive. I believe that we should do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, not for some reward that one can only receive by dying. 

*Are you scared to die?

I am not scared to die for my sake....because I know it is inevitable. I fear death at this time, because my son is still a child dependent upon me.  I worry, because my husband is not working, and I worry about their survival. 

I do not fear death itself, but I do fear how I could die... which I think everyone fears.  
*How would you like to go?

Quickly, painlessly, and loved.  I do not want to linger on if there is no hope of recovery.
*What are your final wishes?

 Cremate me and sprinkle my ashes in the rose garden as Walt Disney World.

*What are your wishes for your funeral and burial?

I do not want a funeral. I do not want to be buried. See above. 

*What would you like people to say about you when you're gone?

She was a good person.

W. :)

This is me challenge: part 7

*Where is your favorite place to go to get away from it all?

I like to go hiking, alone.  Being in nature, listening to the bird calls, waterfalls, the wind in the trees... just perfection.

*What outdoor activities do you like to participate in?

Hiking, cycling, walking, swimming... and I REALLY want to go white water rafting.

*What are some of your favorite outdoor memories?

Going fishing at the lake in Wilson, NC with my father. Going fishing with my husband at the beach (totally catch and release). The funniest was when he caught a puffer fish, and the thing started inflating itself. Going out on a little 2 seater speed boat with the husbeast.

Going for walks with my son. (Great bonding times.) Going for hikes. Bicycling, especially when I lived on the beach.

*Where in the world have you been?

I have lived in a few states (NC, FL and KY).  I have visited a few more (CA, NV, NY, IL, OH, TN, NC, SC, GA, FL). I have lived in Sweden. I have visited Spain, Denmark, Canada, and Mexico.

I would love to travel all over Europe, and visit specific places in Canada (Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Vancouver). I want to visit Monterey Bay and San Francisco, in California

*Where was your favorite vacation?  (As a child, as a teenager, as an adult, etc.)

As a teenager, my favorite vacation was a road trip that I took with my aunt and cousin.  We drove from Miami up to Tennessee, crossed over into North Carolina through the Great Smokey Mountains and then back down on the coastal side.  We stopped at little towns all along the way, had no hotel reservations and we had a great time. 

As an adult, my favorite vacation was a train trip the three of us took to NYC for Christmas in 2004. That was tons of fun.

*Where would your dream vacation be?

Well since we are talking about dream vacations.... I would like to take a year off to travel all over Europe!  Spend a week or two in all the major cities, and then travel by Eurail to the next destination. Rent cars for side trips to quaint villages, rent bikes for local in town travel. Of course, with this I would also have to have an unlimited spending budget, as well.

*How do you like to travel?  

I may be one of the few people who still likes to travel by train. Sure, air travel is quicker, sometimes cheaper, and definitely cleaner... but I love the clickety-clack of the rails, seeing the country go by outside the window. 


*What is the most daring thing you've done?

Daring....Well, up and moving to Kentucky with no job and no safety net was pretty daring. Fortunately, everything fell into place.

*What is the stupidest thing you've done?

Getting married, and hiding it from my family for 8 months.  It was one of those, "I'm gonna do what I want, and there is nothing you can do about it (especially if I don't tell you)" moments. Caused a huge rift in my family for a while. It would have been better to have been honest up front.

*What is your most embarrassing moment? (Or moments.)

 Can't really think of any.... Oh, well there was the time earlier this year when I went to stand up at work and my scrub pant drawstring had come untied, and my pants fell down.

*What choices in life would you like to have a redo on?

 Well, not being honest about the elopement. Buying our house. And, I wish we would have moved  when we originally talked about it a long time ago.

*What is your general attitude toward life?

I tend to be a realist, sometimes a cynic.  I don't sugar coat things, but I don't always look for the negative aspects of life, either.  I want to be positive, but my life forces me to see things as they are, and I have been exposed to far too much to do otherwise.

*What kind of personality do you have?  (Shy, outgoing, calm, stressed, etc.)

I am definitely an introvert. I tend to like to stick to myself, enjoy quiet time alone and I get stressed out in large social situations. I do not tend to get frantically stressed in most situations, and maintain a calm demeanor.  

*How has your personality changed over the years?  What made it change?

Well,  I probably have become more introverted.  I have a really difficult time making friends, which makes me sad... I have a hard time finding people who share my interests.  So, I guess the solution is to get new common interests? 

*How well do you associate with others?

I get along fine with people... at least I think so. I am never unfriendly, but do tend to be direct. I am not much for gossip, which can be a problem, working mostly with women. I am a firm believer that if someone will say something to you about someone else, they will say something about you, as well.  

*What makes you nervous/happy/angry/surprised/scared/etc?

The prospect of travel always makes me happy and excited!  I get nervous about speaking in front of people. I get angry about people treating others badly. Other emotions are on a case by case basis. 

*What are your current hobbies?

Knitting, crochet and quilting.  Reading is also a big hobby of mine.  Hiking. Cycling.

*What hobbies have you had in the past?

I used to be quite the philatelist (stamp collector). I like gardening. I like travel, crafting, bellydancing, cross stitch... I used to paint in high school. 

*How often do you get to do your hobbies?

Crochet, knitting and reading tend to be portable, so I get to do those things fairly often. Hiking... well, I would like to do that more...this past year, I did not get to very often, because it tended to rain on most of the days I was off work. I guess I am going to have suck it up and tromp around in the mud.

*What hobbies do you wish you could start? 

I would like to learn needle-felting, painting with watercolors, stained glass, and to get back into belly dance. 

W. :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

This is me challenge: part 6

*How many hours do you like to sleep at night?

Like to sleep.... about 10.  Get to sleep... about 6. 

*Do you take naps?

If I have been off a few days, and will be working that night, I will try to lay down for about three hours before. Otherwise, usually no naps.

*Do you like a lot, or few blankets and pillows?

1 sheet in the summer. In the winter, 1 blanket and 1 quilt.  3 pillows (2 under head, 1 huggy)

*Can you sleep anywhere, or does it have to be in your own bed?

Oh, I sleep better just about anywhere but my bed.  I can sleep just about anywhere. Planes... I fall asleep immediately after takeoff, and wake when I feel the descent.  Trains, automobiles, doctor's office, Firestone, and my favorite, hotels.  However.... I sleep terribly at my grandmother's house. I have become so accustomed to sleeping alone, I can not sleep with my husband.  I tend to sleep on the couch if I am home at night. 

  *What are your favorite conditions for a good-night's sleep?  Does it have to be completely dark and quiet?

I sleep during the day more often than I sleep at my ideal sleep is in my house, alone, the neighbor's upstairs not at home. The temperature must be cool.  It does not have to be dark. And, I like some white noise, usually a fan.


*What are your favorite foods?

I have never met a noodle I didn't like. I tend toward pasta dishes... but not heavy, cheesy dishes. I like pasta with a lot of vegetables and a simple olive oil sauce. 

I also like Thai, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Indian and Mexican foods. 

*What are your favorite desserts?

Ice cream. The best vanilla you can get.  

*Do you like to cook or bake?  What are your favorites to make?

I like to bake cakes. I was really into baking cupcakes for a while. 

*Do you have any food allergies?


*What are some foods you have a hard time saying "no" to?

Ice cream, pasta, my favorites....

*What foods do you HAVE to have name brand?  Which can you do generic?

Pasta can be generic... sauce has to be brand. Cheese has to be brand. Lunch meats have to be brand.

*Do you try to eat healthy?

Yes.... usually. I love to eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. But, I also love a good burger. 

*Do you prefer eating out?  Where?

Honestly, I prefer my own cooking, except salads.  Nothing is better than a restaurant salad. Oh, and Five Guys burgers can not be replicated at home.  


*How is your overall health?

Well, I really need to lose a lot (A LOT) of weight. But, otherwise, I am pretty healthy. 

*Have you had any surgeries? (If yes, give details.)

Lost my gall bladder. January 2002 I had to have it removed. It was a laparoscopic procedure. All I remember is waking up in the recovery room and immediately throwing up. 

*Have you had any broken bones?  (If yes, give details.)

I got a hairline fracture of my left ulna while learning to roller skate way back when I was 7 years old. I kept falling and breaking my fall with my left arm. Only had to wear a sling for a few weeks. 

*Do you have allergies? (If yes, give details.)

Just the seasonal stuff....

*What are you doing to keep healthy now?

Can I get back to this one?

Around the World:

*What major world events have happened in your lifetime?

Wow, since  December,1969?....Too many to list here. 

*Has it affected who you are now?

I think it is impossible to live life without being affected by the world in in which we live. 

 *Who was the President when you were born?  Who is it now?

Nixon was President when I was born.  Today, President Obama is serving his second term. 

*What natural disasters have you been in?

The first natural disaster I ever experienced was Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Until Andrew, there had not been a hurricane in Miami in over 20 years. I have been through several hurricanes since then.