Monday, December 31, 2012

Ok... last post for real...

Why my son and husband are awesome....

We have been having some serious money issues this year, what with the the house foreclosure, and the husbeast not working, and the unexpected trip to Miami.  No one really has any money...

I was able to get David a few gifts and a couple of small things for the husbeast...but there was going to be nothing under the tree for me. Which I was okay with, because my son and husband were taken care of.

In the past, my son has eagerly awaited the holidays for birthday and Christmas card with money. He always has big plans for these gifts. I think this year he had plans for some new games, maybe a PS Vida or PS3.  In previous years this would have been possible.

My son only received one birthday-money gift this year.....$20.  When he got his money, he asked my husband to take him to Target to get me a present.  He picked out the gift himself (a Hello Kitty toaster), and paid for it with his own money.

The husbeast chipped in a few of his gas-money dollars and bought me a movie and some chocolate.   Together they made sure that I would have a gift, too.

That's why they are awesome.

W. :)

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