Saturday, December 22, 2012

♫Sing along Saturday♫ (Christmas Edition)

This is an old video, hence the poor quality, but it is one of my very favorite Christmas songs. Plus it's Sting.... what's not to like about that.  The first "Very Special Christmas" album is one of many I play every year.

After years and years of forced commercialism, and losing what Christmas is really about, I am really looking forward to Christmas this year.

Financial issues have forced us to give fewer gifts to our son, about which, at first, I felt really guilty. I wrapped his three little packages, and placed them under the tree, and said to myself, "It's beginning to look a little like Christmas." :(  And, I really wanted to figure out  how to add more presents.  But, the more I thought about it... the more I was ok with it. And, David is not a little kid anymore. He is 16, and he needs to learn what Christmas means, and it ain't presents.....(we have done Toys for Tots many years, and we donate food to food banks all the time, but our holidays always ended up being the same every year... go to people's houses and get food and presents and then watch tv until it was time to move on.)

So, this year with me being off work, and it just being the three of us.... We are finally going to do one of  the things I have wanted to do for the holidays for years and years..... We are volunteering at the local Rescue Mission, and serving dinner.  I am so excited for this. My son, less so, but I feel it will be an invaluable experience for him, and maybe teach him to be grateful for all that he does have, even if it is not as much as his friends.

W. :)

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