Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Well, my posting is quite sporadic. School and work have been keeping me hella busy.

I finished my first online course, "Women Studies: Women in Literature." It was really interesting. Learned a lot about myself. Realized I am not the only woman out there that wants to shed the responsibilities and just run away.

 Now immersed in another writing class. So far things are going swimmingly. The instructor's due dates do no mesh well with my work schedule, so I am trying to keep ahead of the game. I am caught up through next Monday. Yay!

I have joined the medicated masses. I went for my physical last week, and got put on Welbutrin for depression. Seems to help. I am much less snappy than I usually am.

Other than that.... it's just been work and school around the clock for weeks, now. Plus my son has to do summer school, so I have to keep track of him, as well. The library and I  are becoming great friends. My first essay is about this commercial:

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I have watched this commercial no less than 30 times. Plus re-watched the movie.  There are at least 50 references to the film in the commercial.  Some very  subtle, so obvious.  Honda and RPA were very clever in making the commercial into an Easter-egg hunt.

I am writing about how Honda appealed to the Generation-Xers to sell this vehicle. 5 pages. First draft done.

Read some books, saw some movies, that's about it.
 Jen Lancaster's latest memoir. LOVE HER!!!!
Saw "Rock of Ages".....nothing but a good time... How could I resist? Went in with no expectations, and was not disappointed aside from Julianne Hough's HORRIBLE voice.

Saw "Brave" which was AWESOME!!!!  Went well with my women in literature class. Cried through three napkins. I am such a wuss.

We are expecting a heat wave this week. Boo hiss.... I hate being hot. And we need rain here so desperately.

Another scattered post by me. You're welcome. W. :)

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