Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finally back among the living.....

After having spent my entire summer writing papers espousing all my views on women in literature and argument writing, I had neither the energy nor the inclination to write more. I did exceedingly well in both classes, and am now two step closer to my BSN. However, I am very glad they are over. I like my own time too much.

So, I am taking a break from school until after Christmas. In the deep dark winter, there won't be much to do outdoors, anyway....so why not use the time for some book learnin'? I am looking forward to the changing of the season.....it has been a hellish summer in Kentucky, with hardly any rain and heat like I have never known before!!!! Cool crisp days will be a welcome relief. I look forward to going to dig all my sweaters out of storage, getting back into my knitting, maybe finally busting out my sewing machine, going hiking, getting my bike up and running.....

Summer is probably my least favorite season. I HATE to be hot and sweaty. I love Spring and Fall, Winter I can tolerate.

I am also looking forward to my kid going back to school. All the togetherness is starting to get to me. Don't get me wrong.... I love my kid, and I love spending time with him. But... I have not had 5 minutes to myself in two months unless I was in the shower. Even when I would stay up REALLY late, he would stay up just as late, or if I insisted he go to bed, he would lay in his room looking to see if he could see the light from the TV shining under his door. I swear if my kid does not start getting a social life soon, we are going to be like that family in 16 Candles that is forcing the kid to go to the dance, and he is yelling, "But, I want to be with you guys!!" My best days will be those on which my kid is in school and my husbeast is at work... and I have the day all to myself. Yay!!!

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