Sunday, November 18, 2012

Flying Fingers!!!

Along with this add: knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, and all those other hobbies I do while sitting on my butt.

I have been immersed in Christmas Crafting!!!  I am planning a  Very Whovian Holiday for my wee babe (if you consider 6'3" wee).  There is a Dalek Hat, an amigurumi Dalek, an amigurumi 10th Doctor, a Tardis quilt, and whatever else I can manage to finish in the next 3 weeks. I have no photos yet, but they will be coming soon.

I have really enjoyed all my projects. The hat was my first foray into color work, and it came out wonderfully!  The 10th Doctor is smaller than I expected, but still cute and obviously him. The quilt is nearly done, with only the back to be assembled, and the quilting to be done. And, I am going to try to crochet a 9th and 11th Doctor before Christmas.

Looking forward to the New Year when I can actually make something not Who related.

W. :)

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