Friday, December 16, 2011

Here we go......

I am so out of the blogging loop. I blogged a lot all during nursing school, but since I became a nurse....well, let's just say I am not very good at it anymore. I am a horrible journaler (made up word), anyway. I have all sorts of pretty books that I buy in the hopes of inspiring me to record my thoughts, life, etc. Most of them have about 5 completed pages (ending somewhere around mid-January of whatever year), and that's it.

I really don't enjoy talking about myself. Why, I don't know. Fear of judgement? Even to the point of judging myself?

So here (still minus first outfit, so lets exclude it for now) is the first week.

Eggplant Sweater from Target
Plaid shirt from Target
Skirt from Levi's
Tights - LB
Shoes - Clarks


Work day:
Pants and top from Cherokee Workwear
Shoes - Nike


Top and Pants from Cherokee Workwear
Shoes - Nike

Funny story: I prefer drawstring scrubs, because most of the elastic waist ones don't have the convenient side pockets and are usually some sort of tapered or bootcut leg. Well, on Thursday morning, after giving my report to the next shift, I stood up to get ready to leave, and felt a cool breeze across my thighs. My string had come undone, and my pants were on their way down!!!! Oopsy!

There is no Thursday, because I got called off from work, and spent the day in my jammies. :)


Striped sailor shirt - Thrifted, but brand new with tags from Denim & Co
Rain Jacket - Target
Jeans - Tommy Hilfiger (Macy's discontinued carrying the plus-size TH line. Sadness!! If I had known I would have bought every pair of these jeans, as they are my absolute favorites)
Shoes - Airwalks
Scarf - Old Navy

This is my first year having to deal with a real winter. I just moved to Kentucky from Miami, Florida. I am unsure how to use all my cute skirts, since they are so light weight, for the most part. So, this 30 days will be centering around jeans, sweaters, and just trying to keep warm. The really challenge will be to utilize what I currently have, and keep purchases to a minimum.

Sunday is my birthday. #42! A new year of possibilities awaits. And, maybe I will finally get the hang of this blogging thing, again.

PS: I need to come up with a different pose, no?

W :)

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