Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lesson learned....

So, I got called off yesterday. YAY!!!! That means I get a whole week off!! Woot woot!

However, here is the bad part. The boy-child wanted to do a mall crawl yesterday evening. I agreed, and went out in what I had been wearing pretty much all day. Sweats, oversize LS tee, hoodie. I really didn't feel like getting all dressed for a 1 hour visit to the mall. Of course, it would be the one time I actually run into someone from work out in public. Awesome. :(


I am so looking forward to sunshine and warmth. Only two more weeks, and I am on my way to Miami for a week to visit my grandmother for her birthday. Also on the itinerary: visit mother, visit in-laws, visit best friend, go shopping at my favorite mall and visit all my favorite stores (anthro, filene's, dsw, bloomies, macy's). Yay!!!

Then, when I get back I have to start the process to return to school. I am, and am not, looking forward to going back to school. I am because I want to further my education, add to my knowledge base and become a better nurse. I am not because I know that none of my other responsibilities are going to decrease in the slightest. I know, boo hoo, people do it all the time. However, during nursing school, I became so stressed I developed an irregular heartbeat, and ended up in the ED. Plus, the stress almost killed my marriage. So, here's hoping that now, 5 years later with a 15 year old child, and both the husbeast and I working 3 days per week, the stress will be nominal compared to getting the RN. I mean, even if I can't complete the BSN, I am still a nurse.

I recently borrowed this book from one of my favorite style bloggers:

It is a quick and awesome read. It was nice to find a style book that didn't just say, "You must have a trench coat, black pants, white shirt, etc." While those classic pieces are there, there are other "add-on" ideas that expand that core wardrobe into so much more. I enjoyed it very much.

My 30 for 30 is pretty much caput, as I honestly don't go out every single day. I work in a uniform, which means at least three nights a week, I am wearing scrubs. Yawn. The first day after working, all I want to do is stay home and catch up on rest. So, that leaves me with 3 days of actual time off where I might go do something. Or, I might not. I am getting bored with my current clothes, and I want to mix it up. I don't want to have a month of photos that show me 12 days of uniforms, at least 4 days of me in my jammies, and then 14 days of jeans and some variation of sweaters with long sleeve t-shirts. Snoozeville.

I may try this experiment again in the spring or summer. And I will continue to post outfits if I feel they are worthy, good or bad, of posting. I have seen how this blog had helped me see how others see me, and I have made changes (last night not included). I just need to work on this whole winter thing.

2 weeks till warmth!!!!!
W. :)

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