Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The saga of the green jeans.......

So, I have been jonesing for some green jeans. Or some green chinos. I am in love with this look.

Well, I find that Dots is having the colored jeans in not only the kelly green, but also orange (Tangerine Tango...color of the year), purple, bright blue, etc. So, I am checking the store nearly daily to see if the green jeans are in yet. No luck, but the blue comes in. And they are skinny cut. Like ridiculously skinny cut!

I decide to take the blue to try them on, and lo, my feet will not even make it to the end of the pant leg. The calves of the pants only have a 9 inch opening?!?!?!? Sadness. Those kelly greens are not to be.

W. :)

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