Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Annie Hall...I probably would have loved you..

if I could only have stayed awake!

I borrowed a bunch of movies from the library on Thursday in anticipation for my day off on Monday, when I planned to stay in my pajamas and do absolutely nothing. My selections were as follows:

Strictly Ballroom (which I love, not only because the lead character could be Michael Hutchence's [RIP] brother, but this scene is awesome!)

Raiders of the Lost Ark (since my son had never seen it, and that just will not do)

Like Water For Chocolate (it was very good, but I can't stand movies that have a sad ending, especially when it comes to love)

Annie Hall. This movie vexed me. I attempted to watch it three times, and each time I fell asleep. However, I did love Diane Keaton's wardrobe. I had an outfit almost exactly like this one, at one time. Love it.

Today, I am picking up a whole season of Torchwood. Spending the evening with Captain Jack Harness. So pretty.

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