Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Photo A Day Challenge

Wow am I ever late in getting this thing going. I have been taking my photos but have not had the chance to post any. So here goes, half a month at one time.

The March Photo A Day Challenge brought to you by Fat Mum Slim.

Day 1: UP

This is the ceiling of the Kentucky Theater, near the concession stand.

Day 2: Fruit

The exotic fruits selection at the local Kroger. Funny, these seems so expensive here. This is like everyday staples in Miami.

Day 3: My Neighborhood

Not exactly my neighborhood. But, it was either "borrow" someone else's neighborhood, or get a picture of the back of a Best Buy.

Day 4: Bedside

My bedside is my dresser. I love this dresser. It is vintage, from the 60's, solid wood, and cost all of $15.00. On it: two books (The Happiness Project and About A Boy), a local guide to events from the chamber of commerce, a local map, a statue of a mouse sitting on cheese reading a book, a Buddha, a photo of my grandmother in her nursing uniform, my wedding photo, hand lotion, eye drops, Marc Jacobs Daisy, two journals, and my clock.

Oh, and check out my new rain boots. And those are magazines under it.

Day 5: A smile

For this one you get two smiles, courtesy of me and the Kiddo.

Day 6: 5:00 PM

This would be the exact moment the Kiddo got killed in Skyrim. I rented it for him, and he is now in love. He says it is his new Zelda.

Day 7: Something I Wore

This is what I wore to go to see "The Artist" with the husbeast. He did go with me, after all. It was a great time.

Day 8: Window

This particular prompt was a fun one. Looking for a good window had me taking photos all over downtown. But, it was when we were on our way home, that I looked over and saw this, that I totally had to make a u-turn to get this photo.

Yes, that is Zack Galifinakis in the window.

Day 9: Red

And old red building, near downtown. I love the color of this building.

Day 10: Loud

This may be a little bit posed, but I can't think of anything louder than when the husbeast loses for the umpteenth time at Zuma. He has been stuck on the last level for months & months. And he yells at it so frequently, my dog comes running to me whenever she hears him turn on the computer.

Day 11: Someone I spoke with today

This is my aunt, Glo. She is in Miami. I miss her so, so much.

Day 12: Fork

That's Mister Fork to you.

Day13: A Sign

Yesterday the husbeast and I went on a solo driving adventure. We came upon a little side road that meandered down next to a creek. This was the sign that was there. There will be other photos to follow about this place.

Day 14: Clouds

This was from this morning's sky. I am loving this weather. This weather is like March in Miami. So, I can only imagine what Miami must be like right now.

There, all caught up.

W. :)

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