Thursday, March 15, 2012

The week in review.....

I have been very lax in posting this week. Mostly, because I have been busy actually living instead of writing about living. Which, I think, is so much better, don't you?

So, last Friday, the husbeast and I did go to see "The Artist" at the Kentucky Theater. It really was a perfect setting to see the film. We go there just as the lights were going down. We both really enjoyed it. It really made me long for a more innocent time in media altogether.

Saturday, the kiddo and I went downtown to go on a walkabout. We parked the car and walked all around Main Street and the streets and avenues surrounding. It was a gorgeous sunny day. The flowers are blooming all over. Just perfect.

We finished off the day at the softball game. It was a sad day for the Wildcats, getting mercied out in 5 innings by Alabama. But, it was a beautiful day for a game, and my son actually showed some interest in a sport!!!

Sunday, the kiddo and I went on a driving adventure to the south east. Our pick for the road to travel was Richmond Road. We ended up in Boonesboro. We tried to see the fort, but it does not open until April. (A lot of things open then.....I am looking forward to that!) So, we went exploring past the park, and came across some old abandoned properties and a little grave yard. All the graves are from the 1800's. Most of them were of women and children

The last grave was of a brother and sister that passed exactly two months apart. I can't even imagine that sadness. The cemetery is small, but I don't think it is necessarily a family cemetery, as most of the surnames are different. Having worked in the hospital for a while now, I see how many of these families are old to Kentucky. Many of the same last names still common today in this area.

Monday was for oh so exciting laundry and housekeeping. Sorry, no pictures of that.

Tuesday, the husbeast and I decided to go off on a driving adventure of our own. We picked Nicholasville Road. We headed all the way out to Garrard County, where we found a little tiny road leading away from the highway. Of course, that would be the road to take. We came across a little sign that said "Hidden Hills" with a road leading down toward a creek. Unfortunately, 1) we were in my little Echo instead of the husbeast's truck, and 2) I was wearing Chucks instead of proper hiking shoes. That meant we could not drive over the portion of the road that was under about 4 inches of water, and I kept slipping on the rocks in the water. Still it was so beautiful and peaceful there. The creek flowed near some houses. I can only imagine how awesome it must be to have that as the soundscape of life. We actually passed by a man just sitting by the creek, looking out over it. Willie said, "I wonder what he is thinking there." I said, "How lucky am I not to need a silly machine to give me what nature provides perfectly."

From there, we drove back towards Lexington, passing Camp Nelson. On the left we saw these huge, asylum like looking buildings. We passed as historical marker saying something about conditions at a refugee camp, so we thought the buildings were somehow related to a refugee camp. Yeah, it wasn't. It was this.

From the Franklin Funtimes Guide

You could just smell the alcohol fumes wafting through the air. However, we did find some remnants of the refugee camp. Namely, a school for the former slaves.

There is also a Freedom Trail and the remains of what was a state of the art water treatment facility.

Then we drove around enjoying the area, before heading home. We typically don't think we would like living in the country country, but this area made us reconsider.

Wednesday, I went for a morning hike at my old favorite, Raven Run. It was another glorious day, and I wanted to make good use of my morning before I had to go to work. Many wildflowers are blooming. And water that was frozen in the limestone is melting and making its way out through the streams toward the river.

It was so nice to just spend the day out in the sunshine, listening to the water flow, the wind in the trees and the birdsong.

I really do love it here.

W. :)

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