Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sunday at the Cemetery .....

On Sunday, the Kiddo and I visited the Lexington Cemetery. We had visited it before a few years ago in the winter. Winter does not do this place justice. Springtime here is absolutely gorgeous!

Most of the roads in the cemetery were lined with beautiful flowering trees like the ones above. I can not even begin to describe the smell of the place. It was awesome and sweet.

All of the grounds were carpeted in these wildflowers. Beautiful.

The dogwoods are all in bloom. Growing up in North Carolina, my elementary school was located directly across from a cemetery, and I remember the white dogwoods. I didn't know they came in pink and coral.

There a beautiful ponds and fountains. And there were some visitors from the north there.

There is a sizable military section in this cemetery.

This one is definitely remembered.

After our visit to the dead, we went visit some new babies.

And had lunch at Jimmy John's, which was....

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  1. Well, Lexington Cemetery is really a beautiful place, but I don't think I will ever go to a cemetery to enjoy sightseeing. To be honest, I'll feel a little bit scare if I go there (I believe that ghost is real and you know, cemetery is full of ghost). Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience. Your post just makes me want to take a break from my study and have a trip to somewhere nice