Friday, March 2, 2012

Dorothy! Dorothy Gail!....

Things could possibly get very scary around here this evening. Coming from Miami, Florida, we have our share of weather anomalies, but nothing quite as scary and unpredictable as the tornadoes that visit through this area and the surrounding states.

We have hurricanes in Florida, but at least you know WAY ahead of time they are coming. While the possibility a tornado will form can be predicted, there is no way to tell what will spawn until it is barreling your way, consuming everything in its path.

Yesterday was the beginning of the "Severe Weather Season" here in Kentucky. We only have to worry for 2-3 more months. Great..... :/

I feel like maybe a movie marathon should be the order of the day. How about:

Wizard of Oz
Twister (Cow!)
Category 6 Day of Destruction
The Day After Tomorrow

W. :)

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