Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patrick's Day 2012

The boys and I made the trek downtown to see the St. Patrick's Day parade. The last time I attended a St. Patrick's Day parade it was in NYC. Now that is a parade. Nevertheless, it was fun to get out amongst the people for another parade in Lexington. The pictures are a bit out of order, and I thought the parade was over after the Mustangs, but this is about the gist of it.

Antique tractors. Love.

Color guard, pipe and drum band, Knights of Columbus, Master of Ceremonies

Tweed Ride 2012, Rollergirls of Central Kentucky, Harley Club, Lamas and Alpacas!!!

Ronald McDonald, Couch Car, Mounted Police, Pot O'Gold

Mustangs!!! I'll take the red one, please.

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