Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 5: 10 am on Sunday morning

This is me at 10 AM this morning. Asleep. Worked all night, fought the crowds at Target, and got home at 0900. Husbeast took the picture.

Speaking of the Target...... Let's just say the only time I have seen this kind of reaction to a sale/promotion it is usually the day after Thanksgiving. I went straight to Target after work this morning, which means I arrived there at about 7:45 am. There were already a bunch of cars in the lot. Which is surprising on a Sunday morning.

All of a sudden, as everyone stood together close, all suspiciously eyeing one another, I said, "Oh my, are we all here for the same thing?!?" Then a bunch of people started laughing. Knowing myself, and what I am capable of wearing from Target (not much), I knew my Jason Wu would be limited to the accessories. (Good for me. Them Southern girls can get mean, in the nicest way possible.)

The poor man finally came to open the door, and jumped out of the way as fast as he could. The crowd pressed in, and while everyone else veered left after the clothes, I headed straight for my scarves and bag.

I got all three scarves in the collection:

And this bag:

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

I am not completely sure I am going to keep the bag or the scarf that matches it, but if you had seen how quickly they disappeared, you'd understand buy now, return later, after I have made up my mind.

Of course everyone went after this dress:

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

And let me tell you some women almost came to fisticuffs over it. The other hot seller was this one:

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

There were two really cute trench coats, a couple of tshirts with pussy-bows, a couple of variations of this shirt:

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

The black pleated skirt sold very well, but not the blue printed. The t-shirts did not sell, nor did most of the straw bags.

Here is most of the collection:

Talking with some of the women in the store, apparently, this collection caused another Missoni-type site crash.

The quality of the items seems adequate for the price point. I was disappointed to see that the straw satchels were coming apart at the edges. The t-shirts were pretty flimsy. But the dresses and skirts seemed nicely made.

The scarves are generously sized at 42" square. The totes were cute, but, I feel overpriced for a simple canvas bag. ($39.99)

Overall, the collection is cute, ladylike and affordable. If my butt was about 4 sizes smaller, I would have been all over the dresses and skirts, too.

W. :)

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