Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 4: A Stranger

This is one of two stray cats that live in my apartment complex. Sometimes, he will follow me around on laundry day. He is totally sweet.

These are my cats:

This is Kitty Kitty. He is my boy, that I bottle fed until he was weaned. He is almost 4 years old.

And this is Pretty Pretty. (I know, terribly original names for my cats.) She is almost three. We found her teeny tiny self hiding under our garbage can. She is the sweetest cat ever!

Their names started out much worse. Kitty Kitty used to be called Upside Down Eyes, because when his eyes were first opening, they looked downward slanted. And Pretty Pretty was called Oreo for obvious reasons. But, I called her Pretty so much, that, eventually, it just became her name.

W. :)

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