Friday, February 24, 2012

♫Sing along Saturday!!♫

What would you do if you suddenly became rich? Like RICH, rich. After hiring a tax attorney and a financial planner, put away $$ for the kiddo for school and such, set up a good retirement fund for me and the hubs, I know what I would do:

1. I would take my son out of school for the remainder of his high school time. I would hire him a tutor to take care of the necessary book learning to facilitate his getting the almighty high school diploma. However, I would take him traveling around the world for at least a year. I feel he would learn so much more about life than he ever would sitting in a classroom.

2. I would pay off all my bills. To be able to live debt-free would be so awesome!!! A clean slate.

3. I would pay off all my aunt and cousin's bills as well. They have taken care of my grandmother for years without ever asking anyone for any help (and I know my grandmother is a handful). And I would book them an awesome vacation.

4. I would pay off my mother's bills, and help her get her life situated. She has gotten herself into quite a situation with the cats. I would help her out of that, and put her into a nice retirement community for baby boomers.

5. Husbeast would do the same for his family, as well. Plus he wants to build and outfit a fire station in a rural town near here that is in serious need.

6. I would donate to all my favorite causes: ASPCA, Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Campaign.

7. I would buy a new car for me. And a new vehicle for husbeast, and a car for the kiddo. My car is 10 years old. Husbeast's truck is 8 years old.

8. I would buy a nice Winnebago. My husbeast and I always wanted to retire and then travel all over the country. This would be a purchase for about 10-15 years from now.

9. I would decide where I REALLY wanted to settle down, and then purchase a piece of land and home there. And hire a maid and cook.

10. And I would continue to work. For sure. But having the luxury of working because I WANT to instead of because I HAVE to. Ahhhh.....

11. And I would want to do something like that man who goes around every year handing out $100 bills randomly to people on the street. Every time I hear about stories like that....oh my heart. <3

Think I need to buy a lotto ticket.

Spending the afternoon in the library with the kiddo researching a science project. Just what I wanted to do on my first day off of work. :P


W. :)


  1. Sounds like a really good plan! Me & mine have often fantasized about this too. I'd want to pay for the college education of my nieces (they live in the U.S. and that shit is expensive, poor brother and his wife are working their tails off to make that happen), buy a house, give loads to charities (like the ones you mentioned) and give money to scientific research (to cure diseases, find out what we're made of and hopefully more about our history), buy a new camera and set up a little photography business for myself, buy all the books that my boyfriend wants... gosh, so many options. I love thinking about these kinds of things.

  2. It is so fun to dream....

    Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog, BTW.

    W. :)