Monday, February 6, 2012

How to creep a girl out....

Courtesy of my husbeast.

This past weekend we went to the Walgreens near our apartment to get some things. The cashier was very friendly, smiling, very nice.

My husband says this:

"You've worked here a long time haven't you?"

Her: "Yes, since 2007."

Him: "Yeah, I remember you from 2008." (Her smile begins to fade a little.) "You worked right over there (referring to the cosmetic department)."

Her: (smile completely gone, faint look of terror starting to form) "Yes....I still usually work over there. I am just filling in."

Him: "Yeah, I remember you."

Her: (now looking alarmed) "Gee, I don't remember you."

I pulled Willie out of the store, and told him, "Wow. You really just creeped her out. Did you see how her face changed? She is probably asking for a transfer request as we speak."

Then it dawned on him!!! "Oh, I must have sounded like a stalker!!"

"Yeah, like 'I used to watch you through through the merchandise'"


W. :)

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