Friday, February 3, 2012

TGIF!!!!! And the progression of baby swings.......

Yay for Fridays off of work!!! Husbeast is at work. Child is at school. It is a gorgeous day, and I am free!!

Taking myself to see "Breaking Dawn: PartI" which has finally made it to the $1.50 theater. Gotta try to get a good sunset picture this evening. Take some pictures of the area.

It has been so warm here, the trees are getting confused.

The trees are already starting to get leaf buds.

And some of the spring flowers are beginning to push their way through the ground.

Too soon!!!!

So, on Wednesday night, I worked in the NICU with the withdrawing drug babies. Which I love to do. I prefer the NICU, and hope to move back over there some day. But I digress...

One of the tools that we use to help soothe the babies are swings. As I look at the swings that we have to use the variety is amazing. First, I think back to the swings that were around when I was a baby:

Something like this. With a crank on the top. Not much padding. No toys, straps or anything to make it particularly stimulating to the infant.

This particular design was pretty much the standard for many years.

We still have something like that today:

Very basic, but now plugs in. Has variable speeds, and lots of cushioning and safety straps.

This one also converts to a rocker for later use.

But let's talk technology! Baby swings have come a long way!

This one is AWESOME!!! It has a vibrating seat, six speed settings, an MP3 hookup, plus preprogrammed sounds like rainforest, heart beat, ocean waves and lullabyes. It has this side swing arm motion, as opposed to a traditional swing.

All it needs is a fan and a drink holder, and I would want one for myself!!

And here is the latest and greatest!!

The 4moms Mamaroo. It has a hammock like pod that cradles the babies like they are being held.

It has a car ride setting, which if you have ever been around a cranky, colicky baby, you know....

This little tyke was having a really bad night, as he is starting to withdraw. I put him in this thing, and he was instantly asleep.

You have to love a product that works like that!

Some parents may poo-poo the swing, but as a parent myself, and as a nurse for babies, I believe they have true value. These swings get a real workout with the withdrawing babies, when that is the only place they feel comfortable and can get rest. Sometimes they are running 24 hours a day.

Well, enough computer time. Time to go carpe diem!

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