Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 10

Well, looks like I know owe 2 days of photo's. No sun, no front door.

Here is the self-portrait. In Miami. Taken while on vacation.

So, I have obviously been off the grid for a minute. Got two extra days off from work, and I decided to go off-line for those days.

Tuesday, I went to see "Breaking Dawn PartI" at the dollar theater, and it was worth every penny. I would not have spent more than a dollar to see that. I spent a good portion of the movie muttering snide comments about it under my breath.

Like when she drank the blood for the first time and she goes, "That tastes..... (pause for dramatic effect)

my interjection: "Like a rusty nail."


Or when Edward is trying to save her life, I am telling him "No wonder she is dying, your CPR sucks!!"

Or when they deliver this 5 month old baby covered in strawberry preserves except for the obvious raccoon mask of cleanliness.

But, then, I am not allowed to watch medical dramas at home, either.

W. :)


  1. I love your glasses! They're so pretty :)

    Also, at least you've seen Breaking Dawn. I make the snide comments without even knowing what it is I'm talking about :P