Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo challenge: Day 16 & 17

After working three nights in a row, I am pleased to have six nights off!! Today is day two. Yesterday was vegetate day.

Tonight, there will be much Doctor Who is my household, as "The First Series" that I reserved for my son has finally arrived to the library.

Day 16: Something New

That is my new Doctor Hooo t-shirt that I just got on Wednesday. It portrays all eleven Doctors as owls. I love it. Got one for my kiddo, too. Here is a close-up of the artwork:

(from the website)

I particularly love #10. That is so David Tennant. My first Doctor was #4, way back in the late 70's. (Wow, where is my cane?)

Day 17: Time

That is my kitchen clock. Whatever....

W. :)

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