Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Photo a day update.....

Day 23: Shoes

I love Chucks!!! At one time I used to have 15 different pairs of hi and lo tops. Around here they are really in to TOMS, but my heart will always belong to the basic low top sneaker.

Day 24: Inside my bathroom cabinet

Apparently, pain and sinus problems are a huge problem in my house. And there are my moisturizers and myriad hair products. Pretty basic stuff. Alcohol, peroxide, Band-aids, etc.

Day 25: Green

Day 26: Night

This is from the other night. What a frickin' hard picture to take. It is the moon with Venus above and Jupiter below. The shutter had to stay open so long to get the light that most of my attempts at this picture looked like this:

Every breath, tremble, speaking, whatever moved the camera around. Ugh. Need a tripod.

Day 27: Something I ate

OMG!! Best burgers anywhere. I love 5 Guys. Their burgers are so consistently good.

Day 28: Money

Just happened to get my Kentucky tax return. Yay!

I can't believe that February is coming to a close already. Time just seems to fly by.

Day 29: Something I am listening to

Instead of posting a picture of my MP3 player, I will leave you with a video for one of my favorite songs on the radio at the moment...

Because, yes, I am 16 years old. Why do you ask?

W. :)

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